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RK Towing Services is proud to serve in Thane, Mumbai Area. The fastest growing city in India. This fantastic growth brings heavy traffic from citizens and tourists alike. We operate our business with honesty, integrity and pride. We focus on customer service. When you call us, you are calling a professional wrecker service capable of assisting any sort of client regardless of the situation. Our driver technicians attend the best professional training in the industry. All of our towing and service technicians are polite, fully trained and experienced RK Towing services started to overcome the problem like Vehicles Breakdown, Emergency accidents. We have designed a car carrier that will allow your car to be carried with absolutely no damage. Car towing in Mumbai is the easy way. Our patented car carriers are used to transport exotic cars between Thane & Mumbai. Whether you are a tourist in your family car or a trucking company delivering material to help build this city, we are prepared to serve you with the latest technology, best equipment and foremost personnel available.

Towing Services

General Public

A wreck or emergency can happen any time. Be prepared by including R.K. Towing in your cell phone contacts. When you need assistance, call us. If your car or truck won’t start; is damaged; was in an accident; or is otherwise immobile, we can tow your vehicle to any location for repair or assistance.

Commercial Companies

RK Towing has extensive experience towing commercial fleets. Having an account with us keeps you prepared for breakdowns, accidents and unpredictable events. We have the experience and equipment to move any kind of commercial vehicle. We understand that a disabled vehicle is detrimental to your bottom line.

Private Property Customers

Do you have a problem with abandoned vehicles on your private property? R.K. Towing can help. We have full knowledge of the various statutes and legal requirements regarding the removal of vehicles from private property. You can be assured it will be done in a legal and proper manner.

Automotive Shops

Do you own an automotive shop with customers who require tow-ins? If so, get to know R.K. Towing. We will serve your customers efficiently and fairly, giving you a great first impression for using us. We are experienced with working with people in crisis situations and our professionalism and fair prices will impress your customers.

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